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Souffle Tips for the Best Souffle Recipe

Souffle Tips for the Best Souffle Recipe - Here are some easy souffle tips that you can follow to make any dish stand out from the crowd.  The best souffle recipe will not turn out correctly if it does not have a good souffle foundation that it is built upon.

There are many deserts that call for a simple souffle recipe but not many of us make them.  It is probably because we are afraid of failure.  It is for this reason I have put together some easy to follow tips that will make your adventure in souffle land a little easier to swallow!

Make A Puffy Souffle

Yolks are not as likely to break if separated from the whites while still cold from refrigerator
Let egg whites warm to room temperature before beating for greater volume
Beat egg yolks till thick and lemon colored.  Egg whites are beaten till stiff but still glossy-never dry
Stir the ready and waiting hot sauce slowly into the beaten egg yolks
Fold sauce mixture into beaten whites; gently lift up and over in high strokes.  TAKE YOUR TIME
To help the souffle “climb”, use and ungreased dish
Never keep a souffle waiting.  Whisk it right from oven to table.  Treat this airy dish tenderly-break apart into servings with two forks
For a souffle that’s extra high, measure waxed paper or foil to go around top of dish and overlap 1 inch.  Fold in thirds lengthwise.  Butter one side.  Letting collar extend 2 inches above casserole, fasten around dish (buttered side in) will cellophane tape or pins
Souffle Recipe:  Desert

There is no better way to impress your friends than by serving a properly made souffle.  Actually there is no better way to impress yourself than being able to make a properly made souffle!

There are many recipes for souffle so don’t be afraid to try a few before you settle on your favorite.  We all fail to start with….But the real cooks preserver until we get it right.

Once you gather all of the souffle ingredients cooking a good souffle is just a matter of following the directions.

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