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SHRIMP SALAD RECIPE - I like using linguini for this particular recipe shrimp salad recipe; as I love shrimp pasta salad. But that is entirely up to you.  Any pasta will do the job; some people prefer pasta shells, others use macaroni. Al gusto. If you are not keen on pasta then just follow the steps without adding it.

For this Shrimp Salad Recipe you will need the following ingredients:

450g pasta – preferably linguini
750g nice ripe tomatoes – peeled and minced
120g cod
120g squid and cut in the shape of rings
A handful of cooked or raw mussels
A handful of shrimps
A glass of cooking white wine
1 medium size onion
2tbsp extra virgin olive oil
A knob of butter
A bunch of fresh basil leaves – chopped
Salt and pepper
Grated cheese – preferably parmesan

Always, always wash your hands before cooking and always be on your own in the kitchen when making your new recipes as you are going to be concentrating on the cooking and don’t want children around as it can be dangerous.

Let’s start.

First, place the olive oil in a pan and at low-medium heat. We want to lightly fry the onions. The way I do that and to make sure the onions DO NOT BURN is to keep removing them and sometimes I place a lid on the pan so the moisture stays in. Now add the wine, basil and chopped tomatoes to the pan. If the heat is to high you want to lower it. Let the ingredients boil nicely – still low to medium heat – for about ten minutes or so. Even though this is a shrimp salad recipe we also want to add diverse seafood as it gives extra texture and flavor to our salad. So add the fish, mussels and shrimp.

I personally like to buy mussels in the shell; some people are a bit squeamish about this. When you buy then in the shell the mussels are still ALIVE, it took me a long time to get used to the idea of murder! As a little girl I used to cry when I saw other people cooking them, in all honesty, but I have become a lot more selfish when cooking and usually tend to turn a “blind eye” and just get going.

So, whatever your choice, buy your mussels cooked or raw. But they are an important addition to this shrimp salad recipe.

When done, add the squid rings and cook until the squid turns white or it’s cooked all the way through.

Cook your choice of pasta and don’t forget the salt. Add a lug of olive oil so the pasta doesn’t stick once cooked and drain.

Place in a bowl and add what you have just cooked to it. Sprinkle the basil and grated cheese (parmesan is preferred). Serve and ask your guests if they would like black pepper on it. Grind as desired. Guests will love it!

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