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Sweet Potatoes Mashed Recipe

Sweet Potatoes Mashed Recipe - There really is nothing better that a good home made Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe.  It will bring  back memories of holiday dinners, time with family, and delicious meals. 

Perhaps the Potato Chef is telling us that he is willing to sing in order to get a taste of this marvelous Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe.
Try it out for yourself and let us know if you’d be willing to sing for the great potato recipe!

How To Make The Sweet Potatoes Mashed Recipe

Sweet Potatoes Mashed Recipe
source image : getschooled.com

Sweet Potatoes (as many or as little as you need)
Red Onions
Salt and Pepper
Red Wine

Peal and cut potatoes into large chunks. Place potatoes into a large pot of boiling water. Cook until potatoes are soft and break off easily.
Drain the water
Add butter, salt and pepper to taste, and then mash away
In another pan add some olive oil and sautee the red onions.
Remove the onions
In the same pan add sliced pears and red wine and cook until tender.
Arrange on a plate, scoop of sweet potatoes surrounded by onions.

Thank for the reading Sweet Potatoes Mashed Recipe, i hope you enjoy with this recipe

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